Monday, 30 March 2009

A samurai sword of a wine

I'm still crashing through what's left of the Wine Society's Christmas Ideas Mixed Dozen and I think I've saved the (almost) best to last.

The Wine Society (tasted 4 March 2009)

Screwcap closure and 13.5%.  Shouts 'class' as the young vibrant clear lemon green wine dances around  the glass.  The first attack of clean dryness is accompanied by tropical banana fruits which themselves give way to cut grass. You know this is a subtle yet sophisticated wine.  In the mouth we have a very dry and freshly acidic classic sauvignon blanc: cold steel and granite chip dryness with the refreshing zing of acidity.  (Describing good sauvignon blanc always brings to my mind a razor sharp samurai sword being pulled from its sheath!)  The fruit does still push through the minerals helping to set this particular wine apart from other (albeit excellent) New Zealand sauvignon blancs.

I have previously blogged about well-balanced wines - add this one to the list.  I cannot recommend this wine highly enough.

Some background facts lifted from the tasting notes you may find of interest:
"Dog Point is the creation of James Healy and Ivan Sutherland, the former chief viticuturalist and head winemaker at Cloudy Bay...  The 2007 is their third vintage and shows why this is fast achieving cult status in the wineworld."


  1. I promise you it is.
    Get hold of a bottle of 2007 Oyster Bay, Cloudy Bay, and Dog Point and prove to yourself just how good this is