Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Find Wine Competition Review - my big chance...

My initial excitement after receiving my sample bottle of The Opportunist Shiraz from Find Wine was beginning to fade as I struggled to round up five friends to help me review the wine.  Modern family life seems determined to make what should be the simplest of tasks difficult.  But you can depend on your work colleagues.

With a deadline approaching they’ll always muck in and help you out, and doubly so when free wine is on offer.  So, having resorted to bribery I’m now able to write this review.  We didn’t get off to the best start.  Their suspicion turned to uncertainty as I rounded them up and mutterings of  “I’ve a bus to catch you know” were distinctly heard.  My fears were reinforced when a quick straw pole revealed only one previous wine tasting attendee and someone confessed, “I don’t really like red wine”.  Too late now – I had my cohort and a wine to review!

One Chain Vineyard The Opportunist Shiraz 2008
Find Wine received as a sample but about £6.50 (tasted 10 March 2011)
In the glass The Opportunist Shiraz is an inviting intense purple-ruby wine, with fine legs – there is no escaping the 14.5% alcohol hit of this wine.  The clean nose suggests a developing wine full of black cherry cassis and hot cinnamon spiciness.  Dry.  The restrained tannins and acidity makes The Opportunist an unexpectedly light, but not lightweight, shiraz.  The same black fruit and spice flavours are now complemented with dark chocolate and white pepper notes. A firm long length reminds you of the alcohol load this wine packs.
Now, I enjoyed this wine, but is it the ideal introduction to red wine tasting?  Lets see what the panel thought…

Tom – “I think it’s got a lot of tannin…definitely a wine to savour.”

Maxine - “Definite cherries and decent fruit.”

Keith – “A good wine but could be more rounded.”
Steve – “It’s really warming – you can really tell it’s 14.5%”

Paul – “I like the spiciness.”

In general, The Opportunist was well received and enjoyed.  But what made it extra special was that with a little encouragement, everyone was happy to spend a little time thinking about one glass of wine and sharing their opinions with their friends.  If The Opportunist can do this, then in my opinion it is a fabulous and valuable wine.


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