Saturday, 14 February 2009

Full time final score: England 36 - 11 Italy

This was a game where the same teams were only separated by the Italian's choice of Bergamasco at scrum-half. There were times in the second half where England showed a lack of vision not seen since their nil drubbing by South Africa in the the World Cup. And I'm an England fan. What got me through the second half?
Sainsburys £5.49 (tasted 7.ii-'09)
Now just to be clear, I like Frascati. It reminds me of being in Rome; big long lunches with a dewy bottle for Frascati to wash down the pasta before spending the rest of the afternoon watching the beautiful people go by.
12.5% with a screw cap. Pale lemon yellow, clean nose which is light and floral, almost meadow fresh. Typically dry with a lively acidity and a good medium body, stone-fruit joined the floral flavours. Finished with a good length to complete this refreshing and easy drinking wine.
Now, want can I drink to see me through this afternoon's expected Welsh masterclass?

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