Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Australia is a bit of a blind spot

I've decided to swallow my pride and get stuck into some antipodean tipple, and the 101 Australian wine has to be their Shiraz. But first perhaps I should explain my particular issue with Australian wines.

Ten years ago I was bored silly by having to chew my way through yet another obvious in-your-face red wine which shouted "I'm an Australian Shiraz pommy, deal with it!" At that time London seemed to be awash with Aussies and the last thing I wanted was for the contents of my glass to share the same social charms as the guy who served it. Others stuck with, it but I retreated to the safety of the old world and claret.

But you can't ignore progress and today I am constantly delighted and inspired by the ever increasing quality, variety, and sheer creativity of Australian wine. So (baggy) hats off, corks (on strings) out, and bottoms up(-side down), lets see what we can find!
The Wine Society £6.25 (tasted 17.i-'07)

100% Shiraz with a screw cap. The vibrant velvety red left a satisfying viscous film as I swirled it around the glass and a promising licquorice scent filled the bowl - and I'm a sucker for liquourice. With low acidity and quite pronounced tannins this was a full bodied wine with a nice mouth feel. I got chocolate and vanilla behind the spices, together with the promised underlined liqourice which stayed through the decent long length.

A decent Aussie Shiraz with plenty to offer.

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