Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I couldn't, I know I shouldn't, not with people watching - but I did anyway

To cheer myself up in the first week back at work I took myself off to Latitude Wines down in the Leeds Calls. I decided to drop in for a couple of reasons: (1) I was in that neck of the woods on business anyway and (2) we were going to the Murphy's for a bit of a do on the Sunday and I fancied a drinkie. On the day two my three purchases were tasted and promptly drunk before and with lunch; and very good they were too - but something is still bothering me...

Latitude Wines £29.50 (tasted 11.i-'09)

Its a Guigal so its not going to be too shabby to start with, and Chris at Latitude 'fessed up to thoroughly enjoying a bottle of this over Christmas.

Real cork closure and 100% Viognier grape giving a clear pale lemony yellow wine with 13.5% alcohol. Clean light nose with no trace of oak. From a subtle start the aromas burst into a floral fruit bouquet which follow through with into the tasting, so much so that I suggested an almost off-dry touch. Low/medium acidity gave the wine a good medium body with a wonderful mouth feel. Like the nose, packed with flavours including gooseberry, pear, mango, and almonds all finishing with an excellent length.

We all concluded this was an excellent wine, including the Murph who's appreciation of the whites is condescending at best.

Latitude Wines £26.50 (tasted 11.i-'09)

I love Barolo. I have several good examples squirreled away in the cellar, all of which are older that this magnificent wine we opened on Sunday. And this is my problem: this bottle had a bed-space next to its brethren, but it never got to see its berth. Yes we decanted it and left it to breath but I still think it need more time, like another five years in the dark. When to drink? I'll save that for another post. Here's the tasting note:

A clean and clear medium velvety red from 100% Nebbiolo. Real cork closer. Clean and bright on the nose giving black fruit and cherry. Dry with low+ acidity, good medium tannins and a full body which gave up cherry, liquorish, and black olives. Terrific length and an easy finish.

A great, great wine (Mrs M. called it "outstanding"), but I still think I was hasty with the cork-screw. Maybe I'll buy another...

Just to finish this note off, there is an excellent article on Poderi Colla at Wine 90.

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