Thursday, 29 January 2009

Keeping up appearances

I started writing this blog with three main purposes in mind:
  1. To taste more wine;
  2. To start to get under the (grape) skin of the wine world;
  3. As a kind of therapy.
Looking at the above list, I now believe that this blog is also in part a response to the general www (world-wide-woe, see what I did there?) running through January 2009.
I work in an industry which has been particularly badly hit by the recession. Having to focus on the contents of my glass in order to pin down an elusive flavour makes it easier to forget another disheartening day chasing increasingly scarce work. Reading, and engaging with, other far more capable wine bloggers has taken my wine appreciation and educaton in directions I would never of considered e.g. I didn't realise there were fifty Portuguese wine produced let alone fifty great ones. I then have to sit down and write this thing- I task far harder than I ever imagined. I have to concentrate, try to write something which is interesting and stimulating, and be creative. It is flattering when you know someone has taken the time to actually read what you have written, but I'm now moving away from the anxiety of wondering if it is actually being read to just enjoying the creative process. my new mantra is 'write for yourself'. Can you see where the therapy idea fits in?
But this is a blog and we're all crazy for fame and ratings, so I think I need to raise my game if this blog is to contribute anything to the world-wide-wine community. I do not want it to become just an electronic depository of my amateur tasting notes (I can do that on Snooth). Therefore my new blog check-list includes the following words:
  • tasting
  • reading
  • direction
  • structure
  • record keeping
  • enthusiasm
  • interest
  • curiosity
  • encouragement
  • ulterior motive

And just one other promise: I promise to stop making up other meanings for the acronym www.

Toot toot!

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